Fred Kwon, MD PhD

Intern Memorial Sloan Kettering 2023 - 2024

Resident NYU Radiology 2024 - 2028

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 Hello! I am an AI researcher and an aspiring radiologist. 

I created this website to feature my favorite projects from my training and my hobbies

Selected Works in Medical AI Research

Combining CXR and EHR to predict outcomes of patients with COVID-19

Objective evaluation and clinical validation of generative ML algorithms

Autoencoder driven reduction of resource requirements for training ML algorithms

Selected Works in BioDesign Research

Incorporating super resolution in digital breast tomosynthesis

Automating quantitation of molecular markers of mitochondrial physiology

Detachable-tip balloon microcatheter for embolization of vascular pathology

Intraoperative measurement of chordae tensions for valve repair

Get in touch!

Email: fred.kwon [at] icahn.mssm.edu

Twitter: @kwon_youngjoon

Reach out in English, Korean, or French :)